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My birthday is coming up! I will be turning 26 on Thursday and these are some of my birthday wishes.

Min fødselsdag er lige om hjørnet. På torsdag fylder jeg 26 og her er nogle af mine ønsker.0425231001_1_100011

Bag from &other stories
I really feel like I need a colored bag in my wardrobe. This leather one from &other stories is a dream come true with its amazing green color and the cool opening.


Ring from Trine Tuxen
very time I see someone wearing this beautiful ring, I keep thinking about how much I want it.
Skærmbillede 2016-10-02 kl. 09.39.32

Molecule 01 Perfume 
This is my favorite perfume of all time and obviously you can never get too much of your favorite perfume, right?


The perfect PJ.
I have been wanting a perfect pyjamas for so long now. Perfect for sleeping in during the long, cold Danish winter and perfect to wear at home during weekends. Geismar makes PJs that are both pretty and in amazing quality.

Skærmbillede 2016-10-02 kl. 09.45.40

The perfect running shoes.
I seriously need a pair of perfect running shoes. Life is to short to be running in bad shoes. These New Balance shoes seem pretty comfy and practical.

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