A very important thing when it comes to beauty is ones morning and nighttime beauty routine. My routines include the products below – it has been a looong process finding my favorites, however, I am pretty satisfied with my current beauty ensemble.



Apparently, my morning routine consist exclusively of Avène products – I did not realize this until now… Anyway, here it goes: Each morning I wash my face with the soapless  Avène Cleanance gel while I am showering, as it makes my skin feel all clean and fresh, without making it seem dry. Two times a week I use an exfoliating scrub, currently this one, to rinse more thoroughly. After washing my face with the cleanance gel, I use this gentle toner from Avène to minimize my pores (or whatever. but it feels great…) and after that I use this eye-cream from Avène. I finish off with a daily mousturizing cream from Avène that includes SPF 20 – I am very aware of protecting my skin from the sun and I actually use a SPF 20 day cream all year and try to use as gentle products as possible. This is probably why I swear to Avène…



 Before I go to bed I rinse off my makeup – EVERY single night, as I have discovered that not removing my makeup makes my skin seem very dull, and it also somehow makes my hangover worse? Anyway, I use the micellar lotion from Avène to rinse off my eye – and face makeup. Afterwards, I rinse my face with the Avène Cleanance gel, rinse my face even more with the Avéne gentle toner and then I spoil myself with some splashes of the delicious rosewater facial mist from Jurlique. I have experienced that I do not really need to use a night creme, at least not during the summer months, so I just let the rosewater sit on my face for a while, and then I pad my face dry with a small face towel and finish off with the Avène eye cream. I use the Azulene Calming Mask from Mario Badescu one or two times a week when I feel like I need to spoil myself and add a spa-element to either my morning or night routine (mostly my night routine, as I am often short of time in the morning), usually after I have exfoliated my skin and it makes my skin feel babysoft and so refreshed! 

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