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The very cool sunglass and glasses brand Kaibosh has just opened a brandnew flagship store on Gammel Kongevej at Frederiksberg which is where I live. Located right across the street from Nué, the new Storm & Marie shop and Meyer’s Deli the location could not be more perfect. I think Kaibosh’s sunglasses are very cool and I love that they are so affordable. Also their philosophy about how a pair of glasses should not cost more than a pair of jeans is really great and it makes me way more calm about when I am going to be needing glasses. I have been so lucky as to do a small Q&A with the founders and designers Helge and Michelle who was in Denmark for the store opening during Copenhagen Fashion Week. Enjoy!

First of all congratulations on your new store in Copenhagen! I know that your brand is represented and sold in many different countries but how do you feel about having a flagship store in Denmark? How do you think the Danish people match the image and the design of Kaibosh?

 – We feel like the Danish people – particularly in Copenhagen have really take Kaibosh to their hearts. It just seems to have hit the right nerve. We feel privileged that a country as design focused as Denmark has given Kaibosh the seal of approval.

I read that it takes about 9 months from when you have a new idea until it lands in stores but do you work in “seasons” like many other brands?

– We do work in seasons because that’s the way the fashion business works and we need to fit in with that. ..but we are designing and developing all year round..it´s not possible to stop the flow of ideas.

From where or from who do you get your main inspiration?

– We take our main inspiration from real people. We like to sit down with people and discuss how they use and wear their glasses, and what kind of looks and style they are aiming for….then we go away and design some amazing frames! 

Thank you so much for letting me ask you some questions and thank you for making affordable, yet amazing glasses and sunglasses!



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